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З кожним пиріжком передаємо вдосконалені традиції

Ми завжди поруч, де б ти не був

Our priorities

At "Titka Klara" you can always enjoy fresh, delicious pies

High quality flour

Our pies are made of the highest grades of flour

A large assortment

Our customers are different, so we have something for everyone 

Made with love

We care about the good mood of our visitors

The freshest products

​We responsibly approach the selection of ingredients suppliers

Modern equipment

Allows us to provide you with the highest quality of our baked goods

7 years on the market

And we are only getting better 

Own bakery

Enjoy ours
freshly baked pies

Affordable prices

We always provide you with the highest quality for the smallest price


Gallery of our photos, where you can see our products,
which we prepare with love for you


About Us

Aunt Klara's bakery offers freshly baked pies with a lot of filling, prepared according to the best traditions of home backing with open access to the cooking process.

A responsible attitude on the one hand, and a love for baking on the other, make our products so tasty and popular.

Our bakers start work when the city is still asleep so fresh pastries appear on our counters early in the morning.

The high qualification of our team, the best ingredients on the market, and traditional baking technologies combined with modern solutions contribute to the constantly improving quality of our products.

Aunt Klara is by your side, wherever you are.

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